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Tupperware mm OVAL #3 Dry Storage Containers 1.7 ltr. Set of 8 boxes @ 50%

 with 9 ltr. Round container

Tupperware mm OVAL #3 Dry Storage Containers 1.7 ltr. Set of 8 boxes @ 50% with 9 ltr. Round container

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Tupperware mm Oval#3 Storage Container,1.7 Litres ,Set Of 8 Transparent

Product Description Convenient to Use The 8 containers included in the Modular Mates oval set are spaciously designed to hold up to 1.7litres of food comfortably. Each container of the Tupperware Modular Mates features a tab opening that makes it easy for you to pour out the contents safely without any spillage or wastage. You can use these containers to store dry food items that you need to keep handy for everyday cooking. The airtight seals on these containers help keep the contents fresh for a long time. It's also easy to store these compact containers, as they can be simply stacked to save space. Organised and Time-Saving Storage Solution Grind your spices and keep them ready to be used in these containers anytime you need them. The Tupperware Modular Mates provide an airtight solution to store things securely, preventing dampness and air from mixing with the contents of the containers. These smartly designed oval containers can serve as a great way to store various food items including spices as well as cut vegetables and fruits. It can help you save time and space in the kitchen at the same time. These Tupperware Modular Mates oval containers organise your kitchen space and are a great choice for modular kitchens. Brand: Urban Living Set of four dry storage containers Material: Plastic Convenient to use Compact size Air tight seals From the Manufacturer Tupperware Advantage World Standards All Tupperware products are made from safe, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic materials; thus they do not release harmful chemicals to food or liquid contents. Materials & Additives used exceed US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) & Japan Polyolefin Hygienic Association standards. What it means is that you can use with peace of mind every time! Innovative Design Tupperware products are designed to inspire.


Virtually airtight seal keeps food fresh.

Clear windows to identify contents easily.

Large tab on seal allows easy opening.

Easily stackable and saves space.

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