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Tupperware 750 ml . Aqua safe water bottle set of 4

Tupperware 750 ml . Aqua safe water bottle set of 4

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Tupperware FlipTop Water Bottle Set

Product Features

Ergonomic design makes the bottles space efficient


Air-tight and Liquid-tight seal to prevent leakage

Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic

The Tupperware flip top water bottle set is ergonomically designed for easy storage in refrigerators. It is available with a sling for an ease in carrying for all age groups. This bottle set consists of four bottles.These bottles come in different and vibrant colours, which look very appealing.


The flip top water bottle set is air tight, and has a liquid-tight seal that prevents spillage of water in any situation. Made from top-grade plastic, Tupperware products are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. They are also environment friendly, and they last for a longer period of time. Tupperware gives a lifetime guarantee on manufacturing defects for all it products.


The bottles have a 750 ml capacity each. They are ideal for both storing water and carrying some on the go.


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