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Tupperware 500 ml Water bottle set of  6 bottles buy 4 get 2 bottles Free

Tupperware 500 ml Water bottle set of 6 bottles buy 4 get 2 bottles Free

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Aquasafe Water Bottle Set by Tupperware

Buy 4 get 2 bottles Free

Set of 6 500 ml bottle set

Attractive Water Bottle for your Home!

The aquasafe water bottles are used for storing water and juices for your home. This product set comes in a pack of 6 with a capacity of one litre each. Perfect for refrigeration and with a translucent body allows the user to know the liquid before pouring.

Smart Cap

The bottle comes with unique design and cap for easy opening and closing of the bottle.

Brand Name Embossed

The bottle has its brand name embossed on the translucent part of the bottle for authenticity and brand recognition

Translucent Body

The bottles comes with a translucent body that allows the user to know what liquid in inside before it is poured out of the bottle.

Ergonomically Designed

The bottle is ergonomically designed and is easy to hold and carry. This makes the bottle easy to store even in the confined spaces of the refrigerators.



Food Grade Plastic Material

These water bottles are made from a food grade plastic material which makes them durable and lightweight. They are not easily breakable and can be carried easily without any discomfort.




Product Description


Stay hydrated in a colourful fashion with the Tupperware Aquasafe water bottle set that consists of four bottles, each with a capacity of 500ml .  These versatile and spill resistant bottles are ideal for everyday use with water, juices or iced beverages. They can also help you store cold beverages at home or to carry liquids on-the-go. These ergonomically-designed bottles feature a tab for easy opening and sealing.

Tupperware is a leading brand that has created a niche for itself in the food storage segment. All of their products are crafted from high-grade non-toxic plastic that ensures the much-needed safety and durability for daily use. Made from 100 percent virgin food-grade plastic, the package contains four high-quality bottles that are spill resistant to assure you of a good experience. Buy the Tupperware Aquasafe multi-coloured 500 ml water bottle set and fulfil your water storage needs in style.

These Tupperware bottles are lightweight, compact and easy to store. The bottles are easy to clean and you can use a mild detergent once in a while. You can also use a bottle brush to gently clean the inside section of these bottles.

Store and Carry Your Favorite Beverage Easily :
The Tupperware Aquasafe Water Bottle Set contains four superior-quality bottles that are safe for you and your family. The bottle cap features a tab that provides an easy lever to seal and open the bottle. The bottles are made of non-toxic, polypropylene material which provides a completely safe storage space for your liquids unlike PET-based containers commonly found in the market.

Perfect Size for Storage and Use :
The Tupperware Aquasafe bottles are easy to store as they fit perfectly in the door rack of your refrigerator. Besides keeping your juices and water chilled, you can also use these bottles to store warm beverages below 80 degrees Celsius.

Top Quality and Finishing :
Featuring sturdy build quality, these bottles will last long and can be the perfect companion for your outdoor travels. These Tupperware Aquasafe bottles are translucent which helps in identifying the liquid without having to pour it out

. Caution:We not recommend storing any other liquid like carbonated water or sodas apart from water in the bottles.

Features & details

  • Set of four spill resistant water bottles, Capacity: 500ml 
  • Ergonomically-designed, lightweight and compact, Ideal for home as well as outdoor use
  • Perfect size for refrigerator storage, Tab on cap provides easy grip for opening and sealing
  • Translucent material lets you identify liquid without having to pour it out
  • Colour: Multi-Colour, Material: 100% Virgin Food-grade Plastic
  • Package Contents: 6 Pieces Bottles
  • Note : Please check the package Fully, Caps are packed Separately
  • Note : colour may be vary and depend on stock availability . 
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