Tupperware Oval Dry Storage Containers 1.1L 4pc Blue/ Red

Tupperware Oval Dry Storage Containers 1.1L 4pc Blue/ Red

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What makes a good kitchen smart? Combining style with efficiency! Tupperware Oval Dry Storage Containers are designed to strike this balance. The airtight seal locks freshness in and keeps moisture out to keep dry food fresh for long. Intelligent design makes for easy stacking to save space on the kitchen shelf. The simple way to a smart kitchen!

    • Modular, space optimising, storage of staples and other dry foods. The oval shape allows better utilization of shelf depth and bringing more variety of items to be accessed easily. Available in multiples sizes, they can be used in multiples sto stack evenly to form a system of storage containers that help organize the pantry.
    • Air Tight Lids: Airtight lids lock in freshness and keep moisture, dust and other pollutants out making it ideal to store solid food items like pulses, lentics
    • Wide tab on the lid makes it easy to open and close the lid
    • Transparent window on the containers allow you to view the contents within without having to open the lid
    • Fine texture on the outer walls is designed to keep the surface free of scratches and fingerprints
    • Material and Capacity: The Modular Mates are made of plastic and have capacity of 1.1l

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