Tupperware Manual Water Dispenser 10l 1pc

Tupperware Manual Water Dispenser 10l 1pc

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If you are looking for a water dispenser that lets you carry large amounts of water during your long distance travel, then the Tupperware water dispenser 10l is ideal for you. With a storage capacity of 10L, this Tupperware 10 litre water dispenser is appropriate for a family's consumption. You can also easily carry it along while going to picnics or camping. While pouring water, the back grip of the dispenser ensures that it does not slip off from your hands. It is also provided with a side handle that enable you to easily handle and lift the filled dispenser. Safe and Efficient Water Storage To keep your water safe and contamination free, the Tupperware water dispenser comes equipped with an air and liquid-tight seal. It also has an air vent cap to prevent the effect of vacuum while dispensing water. The cap facilitates steady flow of water by allowing air to enter the dispenser. As this 10 litre water dispenser comes with a tap, you can also easily dispense water in a glass. Additionally, the detachable design of the tap allows you to easily clean the dispenser.

    • Ergonomic Handles: Makes it easily portable on the go
    • Easy Opening: The Lid contains a tab which can be peeled off easily to open and pour water inside it
    • Smooth Flow: The Seal Vent on the lid prevents vacuum effect and should be in open position while pouring. This allows air to enter for a steady flow of liquid
    • Detachable Tap and Handles: the Taps and the handles can be detached while storing separately and not in use
    • Material and Capacity: The Water Dispenser is made of plastic and has a capacity of 10l

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